The 21 Experiment

August 25, 2006

Day 5 – pm

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Hi-ya.  Not so good today.  Today I was craving starches so I had some potato salad, just a bit.  And Fire Pasta with a hard roll for dinner – sooo good, sooo hot.  My portions were much better than in the past, so I am becoming aware AND filling up faster.  I only ate 1/2 of the Fire Pasta, so I have 1/2 for tomorrow (so much hotter the 2nd day!) And a small serving of the potato salad, instead of a big heap (I love potato salad.) 

I did have a good lunch.  Small bowl of Cioppino (fish soup) and a big mixed green salad with a few slices of turkey, Oil/Vinegar.  This in itself is a good change because I was always a Blue Cheese/Ranch girl in the past.

Blueberries just by themselves and an apple for snacks.  And a pack of peanut butter crackers.  Should have passed on those or only ate a few.  I have been craving something sweet all day.  Much better selection than a brownie, though.  

Did great with the water today (Fire Pasta has that effect) and took the vitamin.  But tonight I’m feeling tired.  And puffy, if that makes any sense.  This is my first starchy day and my first tired day.  I could go to bed right now and it’s not even 10:30.  Interesting.  I think I’ll repeat one of my previous energetic days again tomorrow and see what happens.  My friend, Shannon, thinks I might have a gluten allergy – we shall see.

I get to ditch the walking cast tomorrow while at home.  I’m to keep it on for the next 5 days when I’m out and about, but can take it off while around the house to help start rehab.  It feels SO good to take it off.  Stiff and creaky, but good.  🙂 


August 24, 2006

Day 4 – pm

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So far, so good.  Actually ate what seemed to be a lot today, but in looking what I ate, it was a lot of GOOD food.  A small bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios with vanilla soy milk.  I always used milk in the past, but the soy is actually very good.  The Cheerios dipped into the ‘sugar’ category, but it was the only cereal I had left, so I bent.  My foot is healing nicely and I hope to go grocery shopping soon!  I picked up a few things at the Metropolitan Market to get me through today. 

From M.M., I had a small cup of potato-leek soup.  Before today, I would have ordered a bowl, but I didn’t feel the need for anymore than a cup.  A roll with real butter, some fennel drizzled in olive oil.  Later I had whole wheat pasta with feta, sun dried tomatoes, kalamata olives and parsley.  A spoonful of peanut butter.  A pack of baby carrots.  Blueberries with vanilla soy milk.

I did great with water today and took my vitamin.  I realized that I haven’t eaten any meat and didn’t miss it a bit.  Hum.  I had protein from the peanut butter and the soy.  I’ll have to keep an eye on the protein if I continue to pass on meat.  All things considered, I am enjoying this – no starvation pains, no calories counting, no special foods per se.  I’m curious to see the results after 21 days.  Hopefully this isn’t too good to be true and I see some results as well!  🙂

August 23, 2006

Day 3 – pm

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Doing good!  I haven’t been grocery shopping in 2 weeks.  I am seriously out of things to eat – this morning I had a large spoonful of peanut butter.  At least it was breakfast, right?  And the only other option I had wa a piece of white toast, which would be a no no from my list.  So peanut butter it was.  For lunch I had a Grilled Asian Salad from McDonald’s (I didn’t add the extra dressing that comes with it, as there’s a dressing on it already.)  For an afternoon snack, a package of snap peas.  Dinner was grilled Tilapia with honey mustard and a pile of steamed green and yellow beans.  Dessert – fresh blueberries. 

Not a bad day at all, and still not hungry.  This is awesome!  Drank about 50 ounces of water – 96 is HARD to get to!  Did take my vitamin too.  I’m actually enjoying this.  My thoughts are that I will carry on this initial 21 day experiment as I am right now, and let my foot heal.  I’m going to do a second set, adding light, daily exercise, keeping things that worked from the 1st set, adding some new tests and tweaks.  For the last set (I’m planning on 3 sets of 21’s) I’m thinking something really geared up, more intense exercises, toning, weights, etc.  I figure I’m 60 days away from a brand new me.

Be blessed.

August 22, 2006

Day 2 – pm

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Oh this is crazy.  I can’t believe I’m not hungry.  This weekend I was starving all weekend and all I did was sat on the couch with my foot in the air.  I bring this up because part of me was thinking I’m not hungry because I haven’t been very active, broken foot and all.  But that’s not true – I was hungry all the time last week.  So let’s look at the difference between what I’m doing now and what I did before.

First of all, no refined sugar.   Also no processed white bread.  Those were two big players in my normal diet.  I’ve heard of empty calories and all that, that they don’t last and you end up hungry again quick.  There might be something to that. 

Today I ate:  1 can of vegetarian vegetable soup (and oh, good grief, it was GOOD!) I had 1 serving for breakfast (there’s that breakfast thing again!)  For lunch I had another serving and one chicken strip.  For an afternoon snack, I munched on a bunch of baby carrots.  For dinner I had a veggie sandwhich on rye, and here’s the first kink in the experiment – it had cheese on it.  So day 2 and I’ve already tripped up.  You’ll remember, dairy is one of the 4 things I said I would avoid all together.  Never occured to me when I ordered the sandwhich!  Ikes, I’ll have to be on guard. 

The reason I ordered a veggie is because the food combining theory is that starches and proteins break down and digest differently and mixing them, like meat on bread, causes your stomach and intestines to both work at 50% and neither work 100%, therefore you don’t absorb as much nutrients from the food and it doesn’t digest properly, leaving you bloated and also later, hungry.  So I’m trying this – it’s simple.  Fruits and veggies with anything, and starches and proteins never at the same meal.  Dang cheese.  I do love cheese too.

But that’s it. That’s what I ate today and no gnawing hunger pains and pretty good energy.  No ups and downs.  This is interesting.  And because of the lack of hunger pains, my calorie intake was automatically reduced without any tiresome counting.  Pretty neat. 

I didn’t so as well with water because I got busy and forgot.   Only about 40 of my 96 ounce goal.  I did have 2, but only 2 cups of coffee this morning and did take my vitamin.  I had a cup of licorice tea just a little while ago.  I feel really good.  Tune in for more tomorrow!

August 21, 2006

Day 1 – pm

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Here we are at the end of day one, and I actually feel great.  I am surprised, because I didn’t eat nearly as much as usual and yet I’m not hungry.  The biggest change that I made today was breakfast.  I’ve read so much about the importance of eating it, but a study I read last week really hit the idea home.  A poll was done of 1000 thin and 1000 over-weight people respectively, as to whether or not they ate breakfast and it was a staggering 75+% of the thin people did eat breakfast of some sort and just about equally for the overweight people that they did not.  I will try to find the exact article again and post it specifically.  But for the time being, let me say I was moved by these statistcs! 

So I am making an effort to eat breakfast.  Today I had 1/8 of a honeydew melon.  That’s all – simple.  And yet come what I thought was lunch time, which I can feel rather than read on a clock, I found it was not the typical 45 minutes before lunch but actually 1/2 hour after lunch.  And I wasn’t starving and climbing the walls.  We’ll see if this is a fluke tomorrow.  I did take my vitamin, drink 96 oz of water, 2 cups of black coffee, a serving of green beans, 4 oz baked chicken/ carmelized onions and an apple.   It is now 9:21 pm and I have a mild grumbly in my tummy, but I feel really good.  Not stuffed or bloated, like after pizza, but light and good. 

It will also be interesting to see how things go without any exercize at all, at least for the next 2 weeks, as I have a BROKEN foot!  I think that was my main drive to start this project now.  I have been practically immobile for the last 9 days and though I don’t pig out ever, whatever it is that I usually eat obviously doesn’t work for me.  When I started this project last night, I was feeling heavy/puffy and had gained 5-7 pounds in the last month.  I’ve been meaning to do something like this for a while but I like to start things on the 1st day of the month, or on a Sunday, or January 1st.  I’m like that.  But this was Emergency Action!  And I’m glad – it’s started!  🙂 

Day 1

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Welcome to my 21 Experiment.  I’ve read some interesting things lately about food and health.  There is SO much information out there on how to lose weight AND be healthy; what you should eat, what not to eat, what to combine, and what to never combine.  What’s healthy and what’s just plain toxic.  All the information is rather overwhelming, so I’m going to try a few of the easiest and see what happens. I’ve picked 4 of the things I’ve found most interesting and am going to apply these rules for 21 days and log the results. In addition, I’m going to drink tons of water – contrary to the ‘8 glasses a day’ rule, each body actually needs different amounts.  (to find out how much YOU need, take your weight, divide by 2 and that’s how many ounces of water you need to drink per day.)  I’ll also be buying as much fresh foods as possible, like vegetables.  But the 4 things that I’ve picked will be avoided completely.  They are:

  1. Refined sugar/candy/sweets
  2. Red Meat (beef/pork)
  3. Alcohol
  4. Dairy (milk/cheese/sour cream)

 In looking at the above list, I’ll tell you, the hardest for me is going to be cheese and sour cream.  I’ll see if I change my mind about these items in 21 days!  Here we go…  🙂    [Day 1 stats:  37 years old, female, 5′ 7″ 187 pounds]

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