The 21 Experiment

August 22, 2006

Day 2 – pm

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Oh this is crazy.  I can’t believe I’m not hungry.  This weekend I was starving all weekend and all I did was sat on the couch with my foot in the air.  I bring this up because part of me was thinking I’m not hungry because I haven’t been very active, broken foot and all.  But that’s not true – I was hungry all the time last week.  So let’s look at the difference between what I’m doing now and what I did before.

First of all, no refined sugar.   Also no processed white bread.  Those were two big players in my normal diet.  I’ve heard of empty calories and all that, that they don’t last and you end up hungry again quick.  There might be something to that. 

Today I ate:  1 can of vegetarian vegetable soup (and oh, good grief, it was GOOD!) I had 1 serving for breakfast (there’s that breakfast thing again!)  For lunch I had another serving and one chicken strip.  For an afternoon snack, I munched on a bunch of baby carrots.  For dinner I had a veggie sandwhich on rye, and here’s the first kink in the experiment – it had cheese on it.  So day 2 and I’ve already tripped up.  You’ll remember, dairy is one of the 4 things I said I would avoid all together.  Never occured to me when I ordered the sandwhich!  Ikes, I’ll have to be on guard. 

The reason I ordered a veggie is because the food combining theory is that starches and proteins break down and digest differently and mixing them, like meat on bread, causes your stomach and intestines to both work at 50% and neither work 100%, therefore you don’t absorb as much nutrients from the food and it doesn’t digest properly, leaving you bloated and also later, hungry.  So I’m trying this – it’s simple.  Fruits and veggies with anything, and starches and proteins never at the same meal.  Dang cheese.  I do love cheese too.

But that’s it. That’s what I ate today and no gnawing hunger pains and pretty good energy.  No ups and downs.  This is interesting.  And because of the lack of hunger pains, my calorie intake was automatically reduced without any tiresome counting.  Pretty neat. 

I didn’t so as well with water because I got busy and forgot.   Only about 40 of my 96 ounce goal.  I did have 2, but only 2 cups of coffee this morning and did take my vitamin.  I had a cup of licorice tea just a little while ago.  I feel really good.  Tune in for more tomorrow!


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