The 21 Experiment

August 23, 2006

Day 3 – pm

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Doing good!  I haven’t been grocery shopping in 2 weeks.  I am seriously out of things to eat – this morning I had a large spoonful of peanut butter.  At least it was breakfast, right?  And the only other option I had wa a piece of white toast, which would be a no no from my list.  So peanut butter it was.  For lunch I had a Grilled Asian Salad from McDonald’s (I didn’t add the extra dressing that comes with it, as there’s a dressing on it already.)  For an afternoon snack, a package of snap peas.  Dinner was grilled Tilapia with honey mustard and a pile of steamed green and yellow beans.  Dessert – fresh blueberries. 

Not a bad day at all, and still not hungry.  This is awesome!  Drank about 50 ounces of water – 96 is HARD to get to!  Did take my vitamin too.  I’m actually enjoying this.  My thoughts are that I will carry on this initial 21 day experiment as I am right now, and let my foot heal.  I’m going to do a second set, adding light, daily exercise, keeping things that worked from the 1st set, adding some new tests and tweaks.  For the last set (I’m planning on 3 sets of 21’s) I’m thinking something really geared up, more intense exercises, toning, weights, etc.  I figure I’m 60 days away from a brand new me.

Be blessed.


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