The 21 Experiment

August 21, 2006

Day 1 – pm

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Here we are at the end of day one, and I actually feel great.  I am surprised, because I didn’t eat nearly as much as usual and yet I’m not hungry.  The biggest change that I made today was breakfast.  I’ve read so much about the importance of eating it, but a study I read last week really hit the idea home.  A poll was done of 1000 thin and 1000 over-weight people respectively, as to whether or not they ate breakfast and it was a staggering 75+% of the thin people did eat breakfast of some sort and just about equally for the overweight people that they did not.  I will try to find the exact article again and post it specifically.  But for the time being, let me say I was moved by these statistcs! 

So I am making an effort to eat breakfast.  Today I had 1/8 of a honeydew melon.  That’s all – simple.  And yet come what I thought was lunch time, which I can feel rather than read on a clock, I found it was not the typical 45 minutes before lunch but actually 1/2 hour after lunch.  And I wasn’t starving and climbing the walls.  We’ll see if this is a fluke tomorrow.  I did take my vitamin, drink 96 oz of water, 2 cups of black coffee, a serving of green beans, 4 oz baked chicken/ carmelized onions and an apple.   It is now 9:21 pm and I have a mild grumbly in my tummy, but I feel really good.  Not stuffed or bloated, like after pizza, but light and good. 

It will also be interesting to see how things go without any exercize at all, at least for the next 2 weeks, as I have a BROKEN foot!  I think that was my main drive to start this project now.  I have been practically immobile for the last 9 days and though I don’t pig out ever, whatever it is that I usually eat obviously doesn’t work for me.  When I started this project last night, I was feeling heavy/puffy and had gained 5-7 pounds in the last month.  I’ve been meaning to do something like this for a while but I like to start things on the 1st day of the month, or on a Sunday, or January 1st.  I’m like that.  But this was Emergency Action!  And I’m glad – it’s started!  🙂 


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